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We specialise in offering high-quality floor care products to suit all your needs. Our wide range of products includes heavy duty cleaners, polishes and wax cleaners.

Shine On

A professional choice for floor polishing Description: The professional choice for the ultimate appearance. Formulated as a high quality acrylic polymer metallised floor polishto provide a high and durable gloss. For use on all resilient tile floors, vinyl, thermoplastic, terrazzo and cork floors. Protects and increases the life of floor covering. Easy to apply and […]

Grease Out

Removes grease, animal fats & other soils Description: Heavy Duty degreaser. Contains excellent cleaning agents to provide quick penetration and emulsify grease, animal fats and soils. Use on all types of surfaces in all areas of food handling. Use in fast food outlets, restaurants, deli counters, butchers and cafeterias. Do not use on aluminium. Properties: […]

Lem Gel

Concentrated heavy duty floor gel for cleaning most types of hard floors Description: A concentrated heavy duty floor gel for cleaning most types of hard floors. Viscous yellow gel with a rich lemon fragrance. Removes scuff marks from floors. Lemon fragrance. Use on concrete, ceramic tiles and laminated floors. Properties: Cleans & Shines all types […]

Shine Off

Description: Strips emulsion floor polishes without the aid of a scrubbing machine, and can be used in areas where machines are not accessible such as stairs. Instructions: – Dilute 1:10 with water, spread onto the floor with a mop and leave for up to twenty minuets, agen keep damp do not allow to dry out. […]

Multi Surface Cleaner

FAST ACTION READY TO USE MULTI SURFACE CLEANER 750 ml Description: Multi Surface Cleaner is a ready-to-use cleaner and a sanitiser all in one, designed to clean dirt and grime from most surfaces. Kills 99.9% of germs. Recommended to clean display cabinets, fridges,worktops, seating, stainless steel and plastics. Food Safe. Properties: Formulated to clean dirt […]


Pine gel disinfectant, deodouriser and cleaning agent HIGHLY ACTIVE FLOOR GEL 5 Litres Description: Concentrated buffable floor gel for cleaning polished floors, terrazzo, stone ceramic floor tiles, , decking, wood and cork tiles. Contains pine oils and excellent cleaning agents. Viscous clear gel with a rich pine fragrance. Removes scuff marks from floors. Usage: Schools, […]


MULTI-PURPOSE WATER BASED INDUSTRIAL SOLVENT CLEANER & DEGREASER 5 Litres Description: Miracle is a powerful yet versatile cleaner and degreaser formulated to clean all surfaces with the minimum effort. Remove grease, oil, wax and grime from surfaces, plastic, metal and most fabrics. Properties: Formulated to clean dirt & Grime: 1.Leaves a streak free finish 2.Excellent […]

Floor Go

CLEANS ALL TYPES OF FLOORS 5 Litres Description: FLOOR GO is designed for easy maintenance of polished and wooden floors. Removes dirt and other day to day soils without damaging floor finish. Can be used on all types of floors polished and unpolished. Will not dull finish. Neutral cleaner. Properties: Formulated to clean 1.Wooden and […]

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