The Benefits of a Clean Home or Office

Keeping a clean home and office space can have major benefits for your health and help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Here are some of the proven benefits of keeping a clean living and work environment. Cleanliness Increases Productivity If you are working or living in an environment that is unclean or cluttered it […]

Sustainable Cleaning

Making sustainable choices when cleaning is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. There are many ways by which we can clean without harming the environment.  Here are our top 3 tips for cleaning while keeping it green:  Use Microfibre Paper waste is not sustainable or eco conscious, therefore the use of […]

How to stop diseases from spreading?

Over the last two years we have learned a lot about how fast a virus spreads. Not only Covid-19 but also the flu threatens people’s health.  First of all it’s important to prevent the virus from spreading on potential outbreaks such as surfaces and regularly used items like door handles and light switches by cleaning […]

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