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At The Hygiene Warehouse, we specialise in supplying a wide selection of janitorial products to meet the needs of every industry, such a toilet cleaners, wash sleeves, cleaning solutions and more.

Drain Solve

Formulated to Free up Outside Drains Description: Sulphuric based drain opener. Excellent product to unblock outside drains and toilets. Caution is needed when using this product. Follow instructions on label carefully. Fast action product. Properties: 1. Fast action 2. Do not use on metal surfaces 3. Perfect to unblock outside drains Instructions: 1. Blocked drains: […]

Toilet Cleaner

Toilet cleaner and sanitizer Description: Designed as a daily cleaner. Concentrated viscous toilet, urinal cleaner and disinfectant. Kills 99.9% of known germs. Safe on all surfaces including stainless Steel. Available in mint, Cherry and sea Fresh Fragrance. Properties: Ready to use, fast action: 1. Formulated to clean and disinfect 2. Kills 99.9% of known germs […]

Urine Neutrilizer

Neutralizer and Deodorizer Description: DISINFECTS & DEODORIZES: TOILETS, URINALS AND FLOORS: Urine Neutralizer is a blend of active ingredients for controlling odors. Urine Neutralizer kills odor producing bacteria neutralizing unplesent odors. Can be used on most types of surfaces. Properties: 1. Kills odor producing bacteria 2. Neutralizes unpleasant odors 3. Can be used on most […]

Deodourite 100

Cleans, Disinfects and Deodorizer Description: A premium product. Doodourite 100 is a highly concentrated, water based odor neutralizer. Contains ingredients to disinfect and kill odor causing bacteria. Non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Usage: toilets, urinals, floors, in washrooms, recycling plants and refuse bins. Properties: 1. Kills odor producing bacteria 2. Neutralizes unpleasant odors 3. Can be […]

Cherry Seal

Deodourising Oil Based Floating Sealant Description: Oils based floating sealer for stagnant and inactive water. Developed for use in drain systems, toilets, urinals, septic/grease traps and chemical toilets. Properties: 1. Pleasant fresh cherryfragrance. 2. Suppresses unpleasant/foul odours. 3. Long Lasting 4. Non-flammable. 5.  Non-toxic formula. 6. Safe for use on all water washable surfaces. Instructions: […]

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Low foaming carpet & upholstery shampoo. Description: Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner features crystallising detergent and low foaming wetting agents for removing grease, soils and nicotine from carpets and upholstery. Safe to use in hot or cold extraction machines. Eliminates rapid resoiling caused by traditional surfactants. Leaves no residue to contribute to re-soiling. Use to clean […]


Suitable for all types of floors Description: A fragranced, pick coloured liquid floor maintainer designed to remove grime and soils from all types of floors including wooden and laminated. Quick drying and leaves no residue. Restores shine to floors losing their shine. Contains fragrence. Can be used as a spray buff. Properties: Cleans & Shines […]

Microfibre Wash Sleeves

These sleeves can hold up to 8 times their weight in dirt,dust and moisture,offering massive window washing potential.Microfibre is environmentally friendly with excellent cleaning results and minimum use of chemicals.High water absorbency,washable and lint-free. Designed to fit Window Wash Appliactor,sold opposite.

Standard Wash Sleeves

Practical everday wash sleeves,plus woven synthetic pile offering high water absorbency for fast dirt removal.Machine washable and lint-free for top class window wash results every time. Wash Sleeves with scrubbing Action-Integral blue scrubbing strip for extra cleaning power.Both Standard and Scrubbing Action Sleeves designed to fit Window Wash Applicator Handle Sold above.

Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispensers

For commercial perforated or unperforated jumbo toilet rolls with a maximum width of 110mm and minimum core size of 45mm.Easy to maintain ABS plastic cover automatically locks when closed,Keys included.Viewing panel for contents level check.Wall fixings supplied. Mini:H:24cm(9 1/2″),W:22cm(8 1/2″),D:12cm(5″) Medium:H:30cm(12″),W;28cm(11″),D:12cm(5″) Large:H:36cm(14″),W:33cm(13″),D:12cm(5″)

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