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At The Hygiene warehouse we provide excellent value for money on all our products, but for bargain hunters we also offer an extensive discount range.

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic soap/alcohol disinfectant dispenser ON/OFF switch : infrared sensor Material : ABS plastic & chrome One-off pouch or bottle cartridge is available


Disinfectant Dispenser Capability: 1000ml Material: ABS with stainless steel lever arm Diameter of elbow lever arm: 5mm

Free Lucart Foam Soap Dispenser

Free Lucart Foam Soap Dispenser. 3000 Dispenses From Pouch. 800 Dispensers In Stock.

Sanitation Station

600mm,900mm & 1800 mm


Disinfectant Gel for hands,Effective Against 99.9% of Germs & Bacteria on Skin 5 litres Description: Alco-gel is a non-perfumed alcohol based gel hand sanitizer. It is designed to effectively reduce by 99.9% common disease causing organisms. It does not contain soaps or abrasives and water is not required when applying it to hands. Properties: 1.low […]

Brill Blue Concentrate

Environmentally friendly Neutral Cleaner, degreaser & Sanitiser A Powerful yet versatile, bactericidal cleaner and degreaser formulated to clean all surfaces with the minimum of effort. It quickly removes greases, oil and grime from hard surfaces, plastic, metal and most fabric. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Properties 1.Contains Powerful Bactericide-effective against MRSA,E Coli,Swine […]


Alcohol Hand Rub with Moisturiser Rapidly Kills harmful bacteria & viruses Evaporates from hand quickly 4*5L 1.Fast acting & effective 65% Alcohol hand rub. 2.Kills harmful bacteria & Viruses quickly. 3.Evaporates rapidly from the hands. 4.Contains moisturising agents to maintain hands smooth,soft & refreshed. For Use where routine hand washing with Antibacterial Soap & Water […]

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