Bathroom Cleaner

Ready-to-use Daily Washroom Cleaner
750 ml


Ready-to-use daily washroom cleaner. Safe and friendly daily washroom cleaner that removes dirt and grime from handbasins,toilets, baths, bidets, showers, fixtures and wall tiles. Non-acid, Non caustic, Non abrasive product. Safe on all surfaces.


Cleans dirt & Grime from:
1.Hand-basins, toilets, baths
2.Bidets, showers, fixtures
3.Wall tiles
4.Self Life:24 months:


1. Turn nozzle to the on position
2. Hold bottle 100mm-125mm away from surface
3. Spray onto surface, leave for a few minutes
4. Wipe spread using a clean cloth.
5. Rinse afterwards using clean water
6. For best results wipe until surface is dry.

Storage & Packaging:

Bathroom Cleaner is available in 750ml Spray. Store in original containers;
Store in a cool dry area; Keep container tightly closed in a safe place.

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