Brill Soap

5 Litres


An anti-bacterial hand soap developed for use in food processing areas, industry, hospitals and nursing homes. Formulated with mild cleaning agents, it will not irritate the skin even with frequent washing. Effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi & yeasts.


1. Contains highly effective germicide.
2. Eliminates bacteria, viruses & Fungi.
3. Effective against MRSA, E. coil, swine & avian flu.
4. Non-irritating to the skin.
5. Economical to use.


1. Apply a small amount to the skin.
2. Rub in until the soiling has dissolved.
3. Rinse off and dry skin thoroughly.

Storage & Packaging:

BRILL Anti-bac soap is available in 5 litre containers. Store in original containers;
Store in a cool dry area; Keep container tightly closed in a safe place.

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