Flat Mopping System

The KleenKing multi-purpose rectangular bucket is designed for advanced floor cleaning.Complete with Stainless Steel Sieve wringer.

They come in four colors with the option of a matching bucket lid.The lid for the multi-purpose rectangular bucket fits bucket tightly toprevent spills and keeps the product from drying out.(Remove wringer before fitting lid-sold separately)

The Optional 4 bucket castor set makes maneuvering the bucket easy,especially when used the floor cleaning and maintenance.They are made of plastic/nylon with steel stems.(sold seperately)

The KleenKing system is very versatile and can be used with Break Frame,Velcro or Handsfree cleanning tools up to 40cm wide.

Height: 27.5cm(10 1/2″)
Width: 29.5cm(11 1/2)
Length: 56.5cm(22″)

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