Gritlightening-Gritted Handsoap

A Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner with Poly-Beads


A thick citrus beaded hand gel with poly-beads for removing soil and grease from hands. Less aggressive than most hand cleaners formulated using solvents. Poly-beads breaks up soil and grease allowing hand scrub to work fast. Contains glycerin extracts that protects skin from drying and cracking. Suitable for removing oil, grease, ink, tar and ground in soils.


Formulated for removing:
1. Grease & Oil
2. Ink & Tar
3. Ground in Soils
Shelf life: 18 months


1. Use through a soap dispensing unit
2. Apply to hands
3. Work a small amount of Orange Hand Scrub
4. Rinse hands afterwards with warm clean water
5. Dry hand using a hand dryer or clean paper towel

Storage & Packaging

Gritlightening is available in 5 kg containers. Store in original containers;
Store in a cool dry area; Keep container tightly closed in a safe place.

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