Marine Clean

Detergent, Cleaner and Degreaser
25 litres


Used for cleaning and degreasing machinery parts, turbine blades, diesel engines, compressors, transformers, bulkheads, deck plates, bilge areas; removal of oily deposits found in closed systems such as air conditioning, boiler tubes, compressor lines, heat exchangers and coils;removal of light distillates, mineral oils, heavy grease, degreasing all metal surfaces, plastics, wood, fiberglass, painted surfaces.


1.Super Action Cleaner
2.Quick penetration to remove dry & greasy


Self life:18 months
Heavy soiling: apply undiluted in a fine spray
Pressure washes off hot or cold

Light soiling: dilute at a rate of 1 part to 10 parts water
Brush over the area to be cleaned and wash off

Storage & Packaging:

Marine Clean is available in 25 litre containers. Store in original containers;
Store in a cool dry area; Keep container tightly closed in a safe place.

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