Microfibre Velcro Backed Flat Mops

Each mop designed for a specific mopping and cleaning task including hard floors, walls and windows!

Proven microfibre technology designed to absorb up to 8 times their own weight in dirt, dust and moisture. Long lasting 100% microfibre – reusable up to 500 washes – except MF30EM, MF40EM, MF30DM, MF40DM (up to 50 washes).

Velcro backing for easily application and removal from flat mop frames MF30F, MF40F, HS30F, HS40F. All mops have colour-coded tabs, simply cut-off colour tabs not required.

MF40EM-great value economy mop for everyday damp/wet mopping.
MF40NF-superb microfibre cleaning power with no fringe.
MF40MH-deep cleaning mop with scrub filament.Fringe to collect surface dust and dirt.
MF40EMF-highly durable and economical damp/wet mop for truly professional mopping results.
MF40HP-heavy duty high performance mop with integral scrub-stripes to help remove stubborn marks.

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