Stainless Steel Automatic Hand-dryer

This traditional hand dryer has a impressive output of 2.5KW to dry hands within 15 seconds.This vandal resistant hand dryer has a stainless steel body making it the perfect choice for high traffic premises such as Hotels,Pubs,Restaurants,Sports Arenas and Leisure Centres.Operates by placing your hands underneath the nozzle,making it a more hygienic alternative to manual,push button hand dryer.

By drying hands within 15 seconds,users are able to quickly exit the bathroom without queuing which can lead to frustration and unhappy customers or users.The nozzle rotates allowing a users face or hands to be dried,making it ideal for sports centres and other premises’ where users may also get showered.

Warranty:1 year manufacturer’s warranty Dimensions:W 270mm*H 240mm*D 212mm Capacity:2500 watts

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