Stream Innovative Bucket-Free Mop Handle

No more wringing out mops!No more preparing pre-soaked flat mops!No more flat mops drying out!

Stream has its own integral 500ml reservoir that allows you to activate jets of water or solution ahead of the mopping frame. Bucket-free mopping on hard floors and stairs up to 140m2 area.


For improved hygenic mopping each Stream handle has a colour-coded frame connector-so you can select blue, green, red or yellow for colour-coded designated mopping areas.

How to fill Stream’s internal reservoir:

Simply unscrew and remove top cap to expose the filling point. Using your own bottle or jug simply pour in the solution or water.

To activate the jets:

Simply push down the top cap to activate the 3 jets of solution giving tri-directional coverage onto the mopping surface.

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