Contico Superpads

  • Produced to give superior performance
  • Colour coded for easy identification, for use with machines operating at speeds of 150 to 750 rpm
  • 100% virgin polyester and/or 100% virgin nylon fibres
  • Pads are usable on both sides
  • Many varieties available to suit all situations:
  • Black – Heavy duty wet stripping
  • Brown – Fast dry Stripping
  • Emerald 11 – Durable and tough for maximum stripping power
  • Green – Heavy duty wet scrubbing
  • Blue – Moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning
  • Maroon – Cleans when damp, buffs when dry
  • Red – For dry or spray buffing
  • Tan – For polishing synthetic or natural finishes
  • White – Non-agressive dry polishing

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