Fights the Spread of Germes


A bactericidal hand soap for use in food areas or where personal hygiene is important. Formulated for use in food processing, food service, milking parlours, and catering establishments. Cleans while killing germs. Kills 99,9% of known germs.


1. Kills 99,9% of known germs
2. Cleans while killing germs
3. Gentle on hands
4. Does not leave any sticky residue after use


For use in hotels, Nursing Homes, Schools, Factories, Leisure Centres, Food Processing, restaurants, and public areas.
1. Press pump and apply to hands.
2. Work a small amount of Euro Scrub into a lather.
3. Rinse hands afterwards with warm clean water.
4. Dry hands using a hand dryer or clean paper towel.

Storage & Packaging:

EUROSCRUB is available in 5 litres containers. Store in original containers. Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed in a safe place.

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