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We specialise in providing a varied range of exemplary cleaning products at affordable prices. Whether you need a degreaser and sanitiser or a hand soap and dishwashing detergent, we have you covered.


Removes Limescale and Protein/ Stone Deposits Description: A concentrated acidic cleaner designed to remove limescale from automatic dishwashers, glass-washers, coffee machines, water boilers, and other catering equipment. Safe for stainless steel. Safe for cleaning and descaling in the food sector. Properties: 1. Formulated for stainless steel equipment in food industry 2. Non-tainting 3. Low foaming […]


Provides Rich Lather for Hands Descriptions: A luxury pearlised hand soap suitable for public areas. Provides a thick rich lather for cleaning hands. Available in floral fragrance. Properties: 1. Cleans quickly 2. Gentle on hands 3. Does not leave any sticky residue after use Instructions: For use in hotels, Nursing homes, Schools, Leisure Centres, and […]


Alkaline Degreaser Description: Foamatise is a concentrated bactericidal degreaser, which kills 99.99% of bacteria. The powerful cleaning action removes dirt, grease, food, vegetable oil and grime from a wide range of surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, concrete floors, and ceramic tiles. Properties: 1. Suitable for use in bakeries, meat processing plants, butchers, food establishments and […]


Fights the Spread of Germes Description: A bactericidal hand soap for use in food areas or where personal hygiene is important. Formulated for use in food processing, food service, milking parlours, and catering establishments. Cleans while killing germs. Kills 99,9% of known germs. Properties: 1. Kills 99,9% of known germs 2. Cleans while killing germs […]

Machine Glass Wash

Description: For use in cabinet glass washing machines. Powerful glasswash detergent for removing stubborn stains and soils from glassware and drinking glasses. Effective in soft to hard water areas. Can only be used through auto- dosing equipment. Not suitable for handwashing. Leaves glassware and glasses with a sparkling finish. Properties: 1. Contains anti-corrosive agent. 2. […]

Chlor Tabs

Effervescent Chlorine tablets

Crock Wash

Additive for dishwasher and glasswashing machines Description: For use in cabinet dishwashing machines. Powerful formulation removes the heaviest of grease. Contains an agent for removing Tannin and coffee stains. Chlorine free. Use o clean crockery, glasses, cutlery and utensils. Contains an anti-corrosive agent to protect dishwashing machines. Effective in soft to hard water areas. Can […]


Enzyme based product for grease traps.

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