Dissolves Tar & Petroleum Oils in Minuets


Ready-to-use Tar Remover designed to remove tar, grease, oil, adhesive and insects from most types of vehicles. Works quickly, spray leave for 1-2 minuets and wipe using a clean cloth. Contains a blend of solvents.


1. Super Action Cleaner
2. Removes tar, oil & grease
3. Works in minuets


1. Remove cap anti-clockwise and protective inner seal.
2. Pour Tar-off onto a clean cloth ans apply to tar on vehicle, Can also be poured into a spray bottle and sprayed into tar on vehicle.
3. Leave Tar-off on tar or oil for 1 minute.
4. Wipe using a cleaning cloth. Rinse with clean water.
Do not apply to newly painted finishes or sensitive trims. Check out in an inconspicuous area first.

Storage & Packaging:

Tar-off is available in 5 litre containers. Store in original containers;
Store in a cool dry area; Keep container tightly closed in a safe place.

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